Thank you for your interest in the Lewisville Morning Rotary US Flag Program. And thank you for supporting both LMR and local youth organizations by purchasing an annual subscription to our flag program. 
Our Flag Subscription Year coincides with our Rotary fiscal year (July through June). We now have a two tiered subscription schedule. We refer to our six traditional holidays as Tier 1 (shown in normal font in the following table) and our full holiday schedule as Tier 2 (with the four additional holidays shown in italics). Although the subscription year runs from July through June you may start or renew your subscription at any time during the year. Payment for a renewal must be received two weeks before a holiday in the Tier you select. Payment for a new subscription must be received at least three weeks before the holiday in the Tier you select.
The full year Tier 1 fee is $48 while the Tier 2 fee is $80. Your subscription will become active on the first holiday for the Tier you select that occurs two (for renewal subscribers) or three (for new subscribers) weeks after your payment is received.
If you are a new subscriber we will drill a hole in your yard and insert a sleeve to make it easy for the volunteers to place the flag(s) in the ground before the holiday. As a renewal subscriber that sleeve enabling the volunteers to place the flag in your yard should already be in place. The same volunteers then pick the flag up after the holiday. 
Your subscription fee helps support the organization whose volunteers deploy the flags in addition to the local and international charities that our club supports.
If you would like our Flag Chair Person to contact you, click here.

Subscription Process:
  1. Electronically (preferable)
    1. Click on this link to renew or add a new subscription: LMRC Electronic Flag Subscription Form
    2. Complete the form and Submit it
    3. Select one of the payment options below
  2. Manually
    1. Download the form from this link: LMRC Paper Flag Subscription Form
    2. Complete the Form and mail it to Lewisville Morning Rotary, P.O. Box 295359, Lewisville, TX 75029-5359
Payment Options:
  • Check - Include your check with the Paper Subscription Form or mail it to the address above if you subscribe electronically
  • PayPal or Credit Card using PayPal - You will be directed to our PayPal site when you complete the electronic form.