Lewisville Morning Rotary Club provided dictionary's for
3rd Graders at 11 schools in the Lewisville Independent School District.
Theirs to keep, the dictionary's enhance their learning skills for a lifetime.
Our Rotary club has been providing dictionary's for 3rd graders in LISD for several years. Even with the disruption caused by the pandemic, we continued with the project. Although, this year members were unable to personally present the books to the children, we continued the program. Staff members at the the 11 schools partnered with us by carefully distributing them in a way that they were absolutely free of contamination by the Covid 19 virus. One of those staff members was Callie Craddock at Mill Street Elementary school.
Quoting Callie; "We really appreciate the sincerity and partnership Lewisville Morning Rotary has with Mill Street Elementary. Our students are so thankful to have their own personal dictionaries. They take pride in having something that they can use each day to enhance their learning skills. When seeing the children get their book, their eyes lit up. I wish you all could have been there to see it." 
According to Callie, "to be thought of and supported means the world to our students and faculty. It is the simplest actions that make the greatest difference.  Thank you for the continuous support."
This project was successful not only because of partners like Callie, but because of the leadership of Rotarians Deanna Perkins and Charlene Dierks. Deanna coordinated purchase of the dictionaries and setting up the pandemic safe labeling party to get them ready to distribute to the 11 schools. Charlene, a teacher at Central ES arranged the logistics of moving them safely to the various campuses and coordinating distribution with each campus staff. 
They say it takes a village to raise a child. This years dictionary project proved took a good part of our village to accomplish. From Rotarians Charlene Dierks, Maithen Fluhrer, Neal Fluhrer, Bob Troyer, Marilyn Pokorny, Deanna Perkins, Tom Rowe, Mark Smith, and Bob Troyer to the several LISD staff members like Callie Craddock to provide a dictionary to every 3rd grade student in the 11 schools we supported through the project. Thank you to all.
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