Pictured here is one of the Lewisville Morning Rotary
Hero's of the environment, Tom Rowe volunteering at the
Lewisville Convenience Center to safely collect
and dispose of Hazardous Household Waste.
Our other hero is Mary Jones. Mary and Tom alternate in volunteering with city team. Lewisville Morning Rotary Club members have been volunteering with the City of Lewisville Hazardous Household Waste collection team for over 20 years. Many changes in process have occurred over the years as we have adapted to the needs of the community. The changes caused by Covid 19 are no different.
Our club members pride themselves as the environmental club whose community projects contribute to protecting and improving the environment. Environmental projects range from picking up trash at city parks and planting trees to helping residents safely dispose of hazardous household waste at the Lewisville Convenience Center. 
The Hazardous  Household  Waste Collection process has changed over the years as we have adapted to the needs of the community residents. And adapting to Covid 19 safety requirements is one of those most recent changes. Safety requirements prohibit 16 city workers and Rotary members from meeting at the Convenience Center on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Unfortunately, residents still have hazardous waste that needs safe disposal. So "adapt" is what we do best. The city now collects, segregates and safely disposes waste by appointment only every Wednesday and Friday and on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Residents with appointments, bring the waste to the Convenience Center at the appointed date and time in 10 minute increments.. They are met by only 2 people who assist them in removing the waste from their vehicle while adhering to social distancing and masks guidelines.
The changes have been well received by residents. Prior to Covid 19 the city and volunteers served 160 residents a month on average. Presently the city is serving 130+ residents a month.
Lewisville city residents are encouraged to make visit their HHW site on the city website by clicking here. Site visitors will see how the HHW program works and allows residents to schedule their HHW disposal visit.