We had a fun morning volunteering at Central Elementary and Prairie Trail Elementary and supporting fourth graders with the Come and EAT IT 2024 event.  This event, a part of Independence Gardens, is dedicated to help bring awareness to food health and nutrition to students.

Come and EAT IT 2024!

What an exciting and energetic morning as we helped the students learn about healthy breakfast options.  The fourth graders had the opportunity to make a healthy breakfast and learn about alternative ingredients that provided a tasty and nutritious breakfast while having fun with their creativity.
Our club had the privilege of ensuring the kids had all the ingredients to work with: strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon, yogurt, lavender infused syrup, and whole grain pancakes.  The berries were used as garnish and combined with the yogurt to provide a varied color palette to indulge their creativity.
Additionally, one of our members had the honor of being a guest Chef at Prairie Trail Elementary School.
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