District 5790 Approved $6301 in Rotary Foundation
District Designated Funds to be used for a $55,000
Global Grant to purchase Dental Equipment for a
Free Clinic in Tirasses, Costa Rica
In Costa Rica, immigrants do not receive government funded healthcare support. Our club is participating with the Rotary Club of San Pedro Curridabat (in Costa Rica) to fund a Global grant for the development of a free dental clinic to serve the needs of this population. Other local partnering organizations are building the clinic being built on an abandoned city dump by providing dental equipment for that clinic.
Our club is providing $5,500 in funds. We have stateside partners in the Mineral Wells, Arlington Great SW and Wichita Falls Rotary Clubs. As of this story date, we need $18,000 from other Rotary Club partners to completely fund this project. When all the funding is approved we will move forward with the global grant in order to attain the the $6,300 in Rotary Foundation Funds to fully fund this project. We are hopeful of having Global Grant approval in October.
This project has been developing over the last two years with members spending time Tirrases, Costa Rica participating in temporary clinic days. Below are photos of those past trips.
2018 Clinic with members Carolyn Wright, Dr Siebert & Frances Al Waely - Not shown in photos is Ray Bowens
Carolyn Wright, Mark Smith, Tom Rowe and Jeff Siebert in 2019
A team de-brief session, our partners from Costa Rica, Our Team from Texas and a photo of President Tom Rowe helping distribute back packs to kids.