Lewisville Morning Rotary guest speaker, author and mental performance coach Todd Thomas shared some of his insights that helped him inspire athlete's at our August 18th Rotary meeting.
A mental performance expert and personal achievement author, Todd Thomas shared how athletes often fail to achieve because they are thinking to much. "He has seen many people throughout his life reach for their goals and fall short over and over again – including himself".
He shared a story from his book A Game Plan for Beat Your Toughest Opponent. Written for those who often find themselves needing to “get out of their own way”, so that they can free themselves from mental obstacles and stretch their potential. His 25 minute presentation flew by as he shared examples we could all relate to our own careers. His book would be a great read for any athlete or parent of a budding athlete. The book is filled with great advice for preventing a persons mind from getting in the way of their performance.
For more information about Todd and his book, click here to visit his website. His website has a blog link with several of his inspirational videos. Check them out.
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