Rachel Flanders, Assistant Principal at Hebron High School introduced our November Student of the Month saying I’m so thankful for the opportunity to celebrate our amazing kiddos! Ian Boggs was nominated by Mr. Sealy the HHS Band Director. Congratulations Ian Boggs.
Quoting HHS Band Director Sealy "Ian serves as our Trombone Section Leader in the HHS Band and Principal Trombone in the Wind Symphony."

From left to right, Ians mom and dad, Ian Boggs, LMR member John Pokorny and HHS Assitant Principal Rachel Flanders

"In these yearlong positions, Ian unselfishly instructs and mentors younger students, maintains delicate equipment, coordinates rehearsal schedules, directs student practices, and acts as a conduit for communication between the adult band staff and our student members. Ian is highly personable.  He is equally comfortable speaking in public or conversing with adults. He has a highly developed sense of humor and a wide-ranging circle of friends spanning all cultural backgrounds.  Ian is intrinsically motivated.  He sets high goals for himself and his peers. His high school record demonstrates an ability to wisely manage time and indicates excellent self-discipline.  Ian calmly and maturely handles both challenges and successes equally well."

Congratulations Ian on a wonderful achievement.