Celebrating Rotary Vocation Awareness Month
by visiting Lewisville Police Department
and learning about our wonderful safety services.
Member Todd Taylor (Assistant Chief) led us through an informative evening social sharing his pride in the Lewisville Police Dept. 
Todd gave us a great presentation starting with the police dept mission and values.
Service, Integrity and Professionalism
He also talked about department organization and all the services performed by our police department many of which we as citizens are unaware. Ours is a state-of-the-art police operation with highly trained police officers and support staff.
When we announced our January 23rd mixer at the Lewisville Police Department we joked about "going to jail". So of course a visit to the this small by most standards 50 bed community jail was the featured part of the evening led by Officer Erica Taylor.
Erica and Todd Taylor               Inside the Jail Control Room        The Current Status Board
With state-of-the-art jail facilities, the most the Lewisville Jail has housed is 24 or 25 inmates. Most don't stay for more than a day either being transferred to the Denton County facility, other facility or released after arraignment and a  judges ruling.
A sad bi-product of police work is that sometimes children become involved when a warrant is issued for a parent and no one else is available to care for the parents children until arrangements can be made with agencies such as CASA. The Lewisville Police Department, working with Police Academy Alumni volunteers prepared Aston's Room in honor of a child in one of these types of incidents that lost her life.
One of the things we learned was that mug shots are intended to show "stern" faces. This photo taken at the end of the evening is our best effort at a stern face for a mug shot of the Rotary members that participated in this mixer. As you will note, some can't keep from smiling.