Our Corporate Membership option includes 1 designated RI member and up to 2 additional designated club members from that corporate organization. In addition, Corporate Membership includes sponsorship advertising on all club publicity including the club website, newsletters, fliers and brochures.
What are the benefits for a corporation? First, membership elevates the corporation's image in the community as a partner in service and a business committed to the community.  Next, employees have the chance to develop leadership and professional skills such as project management, training, and public speaking.  Corporate membership gives members access to Rotary's global network of 1.4 million volunteers and the opportunity to network while traveling or doing local service with other Rotarians.  Membership would also emphasize a commitment to serving others as part of the corporate culture. Finally, a corporate membership can reduce the time commitment of any one member by allowing employees to attend meetings or events on each other's behalf.   
For more information, contact our membership chair Marilyn Pokorny.
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