Posted by Charlene Dierks
District 5790 Foundation Committee
Announced approval of LMR Grant Request to 
Purchase Dictionaries for 3rd Graders at 11 LISD Title I Schools
The district announced approval of our grant request at the Aug 17th Vibrant Club Workshop in Aledo. The $2900 project will be funded by $2150 in club funds (from fund raisers such as our flag project) and $850 in Rotary Foundation Funds referred to as District Designated Funds (DDF). Our members generously support The Rotary Foundation. The funds that were donated 3 years ago accrued and a portion of those are made available for local projects such as this Dictionary Project. The real fun of this project will start mid September.
Once the dictionaries are purchased and delivered we will host a labeling party to place LMR Labels with a place for kids to print their names. Following the labeling party, teams of members will visit the ll schools and give the dictionaries to the children. Below are a few photo's from last years project.
Member Samba Sey, Members John Pokorny, Mark Smith and Principal Crockett, Members Mark Smith and Tom Rowe