In celebration of Ms. Martha Cowan receiving the Living Legend award, the Lewisville Estates hosted a party at 2 pm on June 24th at their facilities. Our club is one of the sponsors and is providing the flags for the event.
The award is to be presented by U.S. Army Sgt. Maj. Cielito Pascual-Jackson, from the Women In Military Services For America.
Who knew that a dame could be a WWII Fighter Pilot
Ms. Martha Cowen is among the very few women that were pilots that served during World War II. The celebration will include a reading of the Living Legend Proclamation and a century birthday celebration to remember. Our members will be providing a Star Spangled ambiance for the celebration of the life of a centurion World War II veteran aviator. 
Martha was recognized by several different groups in addition to LMR who made the presentation on our behalf and that as councilman for the City of Lewisville.
Who knew that our club president was one of the minutemen?
One of the groups recognizing Martha Cowen was the Sons of the Revolution. Mark was able to catch the group for this great shot of the group with the president. Albeit the then President of the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club. One week later he became a past president.