After four months of planning and 4 intensive meetings, the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club strategic planning committee developed and submitted its 3 year strategic plan which was approved by the club BOD at it's June 21st meeting.
Many thanks go out to Past District Governor Gene Davenport for leading our the strategic planning committee consisting of Ray Bowens, Charlene Dierks, Jeff Lighton, Deanna Perkins, Marilyn Pokorny, John Pokorny, Mark Smith, Todd Taylor and Bob Troyer through the process.
The final Board of Directors strategic plan includes action plans for the coming year that focus is 4 specific needs:
  1. Short term goals including meeting venue, time and dues
  2. Membership Growth
  3. Our Fundraising
  4. Our Community Services
Subcommittees were appointed for each area to study and recommend a plan of action necessary to secure our objectives in each area.
With regards to our organization, its subcommittee recommended changing our venue to a location where members can enjoy breakfast while meeting. They also recommended a meeting start time of 7:15 AM. This sub-committee also recommended a dues structure consisting of two options; Corporate Membership and Standard Membership. The details of this approved proposal are included in the power point document shown above. Click on the above strategic planning image to download the document.
The Membership Planning subcommittee developed a very aggressive plan for promoting our club at city venues and events to create greater awareness of club activities and encourage more community members to consider membership in Lewisville Morning Rotary. We anticipate a greater degree of communication with potential members and a more reasonable dues rate will encourage more in our community to consider membership in Rotary. The subcommittee projected that we can increase membership by 50% under their proposal the details of which are included in the above Strategic Planning document. 
Our fundraising efforts will focus on growing our flag program by 50% through focused flag promotion efforts in specific neighborhoods beginning in the Old Town area. We will work closely with our scouting partners and and the membership committee to promote the flag program at city events.
Our community services will continue the its efforts focusing on those activities that:
  • Alleviate food insecurity
  • Develop and support youth
  • Provide community enrichment and unity
  • Support mental health needs
  • Assist veterans and alleviate homelessness
The community service subcommittee identified a plan of action that includes several activities throughout the year that meet the above objectives. These actions are shown in the strategic action planning file shown above.
With our strategic plan in place and the actions planned we are ready to make a significant impact within our community and make our world better.
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