Lewisville Morning Rotary Members
delivered 1080 dictionaries to
3rd graders in 10 schools last week
We are wrapped up with our dictionary project. Thanks to Deanna Perkins and Samba Sey who delivered dictionaries to the 3rd Graders at Vickory ES last week we finished this very rewarding project. Please read below Deanna's touching experience. This is why we joined Rotary.
LMR Member, Deanna Perkins said it best about our dictionary project.
"Since I joined the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club, I have been able to take part in many ways to help out the community. One of the wonderful things they do is hand out dictionaries to third graders in the Lewisville. This week the club has been making the deliveries to the schools. Today I helped with two of the schools. Omg, I thought we were just handing out books. I had no idea that I would be choking back tears as I watched their faces light up. Kids were hugging their new dictionaries. I laughed to watch them open their books and hold the pages to their noses to sniff the wonderful book smell. That smell is one of the reasons I love a real book instead of an ereader. It was so sweet to see these young precious people appreciate this. It has not been lost. They were so proud to write their names in their very own book. Such a beautiful experience for something I just thought was so simple. I think I got more out of it than they did."
Here are a few photos of happy third graders to make you smile.