Five LMR Members are Riding in the
2020 Riding of Polio Fundraiser
October 24th at the Shops of Highland Village 
Please support members Maithen Fluhrer, Mark Smith, Samba Sey, Marilyn Pokorny and John Pokorny who are riding October 24th by clicking below.
Maithen is riding at 7 AM - support her with your donation at
Mark Smith is riding at 10 AM, he suggests donations to any member
Samba Sey is Riding at noon - Support him at
John and Marilyn Pokorny are riding at 3:00 pm - support them with a donation at
We appreciate your generosity. Speaking of generosity, you can also donate your time. Contact Grady Ray at to volunteer.
When: October 24th
Time:   6 am to 6 pm
The Shoppes in Highland Village
Sign up to ride and/or volunteer
(30 minutes or 1 hour)
Donate, Individually or as a Club