Lewisville Morning Rotary awards bikes to two Central Elementary School student Reading Stars that participated in the Summer Reading Program
Students that have mastered their reading skills in elementary school will be successful in middle school, high school and college. It was this thought in mind that led school leaders to establishing a program to encourage students to participate in a summer reading program after this pandemic caused upside down school year. Lewisville Morning Rotary supported the program by providing the bike awards.
The Lewisville Morning Rotary Club presented bikes to two students selected by the teachers at Central Elementary school to award them on their participation in the summer reading program.  Over the summer students had an option to complete around 24 reading activities in a bingo card style format.  It had various reading activities for them to do such as reading to a sibling or parent, read outside etc.  The parents had to sign off as they completed the activities. The Lewisville Morning Rotary club is proud to support literacy programs in our local community such as this and our dictionary project for 3rd graders.
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