Thanks to a 50-50 donation by member Todd Taylor our 50-50 Can is more fun than ever. The odds of being able to draw a winning card have improved. 
Our 50-50 donation fund is used to help support many of our clubs service projects including library books for the CES Library, The Dictionary Project and others. With your donation, not only does the donating person with the winning ticket have the opportunity to win 50% of the pot (one card in the remaining deck), we have 15 two dollar winning cards in the deck, 2 five dollar winners in the deck and 1 $10 winner in the deck.
Playing is easy. Just donate $1 for a ticket that if drawn will allow you to draw from the deck. Or, increase your odds by donating $2 for 3 tickets or $4 for six tickets or $5 for 10 tickets. Forgot to bring cash to the meeting with you? No problem, donate online by clicking here. We will process your donation along with a small transaction fee so that you can participate in the fun.
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