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Great Speakers. Our 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month in-person meetings are always informative.
Feb 17, 2022 7:30 AM
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This is the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club. Stories of our most recent activities.
The Lewisville Morning Rotary Club Board of Directors approved the nomination of Bob Troyer as President for the 2022-2023 Rotary Year starting July 1, 2022.
Bob has been a member of the club since 2011. He is our current Flag Project chair having served in several capacities including Club President (2014-2015) over the last 10 years. Community Service is in Bob's DNA. In addition to Rotary, Bob is a member of the City of Lewisville City Counsel. Mr. Troyer is a member of the Creekwood Christian Church in Flower Mound.
Lewisville Morning Rotary Club is sharings its blessings this Thanksgiving by providing all the fixin's for a Thanksgiving feast to five families at the Central Elementary School.
Club President Traci Petteway and member Deanna Perkings shopped this week and provided everything needed for 5 familes whose children attend our adopted school Central Elementar School. The food was delived in laundry baskets to the school the Friday before Thanksgiving break. We partnered with CES staff to identify the families receiving the food. To all the families at Central Elementary School, have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.
Rachel Flanders, Assistant Principal at Hebron High School introduced our November Student of the Month saying I’m so thankful for the opportunity to celebrate our amazing kiddos! Ian Boggs was nominated by Mr. Sealy the HHS Band Director. Congratulations Ian Boggs.
Quoting HHS Band Director Sealy "Ian serves as our Trombone Section Leader in the HHS Band and Principal Trombone in the Wind Symphony."
The Hebron High School Interact Club rounded up 50 volunteers Saturday, November 13th to clean-up the Hebron High School Campus for the Keep Lewisville Beautiful Clean-up Challenge.
Interact Club members and volunteers gathered 45 bags of trash and 8 recycle bags at the campus. The most unusual items were a tricycle a beachball, an iphone and airpods.
The artical below was written by his son Roger who is a professional writer. Unfortuneatly, there is no mention of Gordons service in Rotary or CCA which is understandable since Gordon would have joined Rotary after Roger left home.
Gordon joined the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club in Jan of 2003. Gordon was a regular attendee at our 7 AM meeting and was involved in almost all of our service projects. Gordon was a Paul Harris Fellow and a sustaining member. His major responsibility at meetings was to lead us in song, the happy birthday song whenever someone was celebrating a birthday that week.
In a growing city like Lewisville managing a 22nd century police department requires a both a depth of knowledge and an understanding, compassionate and approachable leader.
Appointed in August of 2018, Chief Deavers has demonstrated all of these qualities. As our guest speaker, he will be sharing the challenges of Police work in today's culture. Police work is the ultimate community service. Our police department recognizes this by its diverse ways of reaching out and meeting our citizens.
Deanna lives "Service Above Self" throughout by volunteering every opportunity she gets.
Her most recent Rotary project was participating in the Central ES Summer Reading Program bike give away. The program wishes to provide incentives for children to read. Children that completed a certain number of tasks throughout the summer were eligible to have their name pulled from a hat to win a bike.
                 Deanna shown here with the winning girl in the class
Deanna joined Lewisville Morning Rotary 3 years ago after being sponsored by long time member Bob Troyer. 
In addition to her Rotary efforts, she also volunteers at many other city functions. She graduated from the Lewisville Citizen's University for class of 2017-2018. The objective of the Citizens University is familiarize citizens with the structure, functions and activities of City of Lewisville government, encourage citizens to become involved in the City’s government, and enhance their ability to communicate effectively with City officials. Deanna also on the board for Lewisville Animal Services as vice chair.
Deanna loves her two dogs, Petey and Chloe. whom she says that she can't live without.
Visit our Rotarian of the Month Wall of Fame webpage.
Lewisville Morning Rotary awards bikes to two Central Elementary School student Reading Stars that participated in the Summer Reading Program
Students that have mastered their reading skills in elementary school will be successful in middle school, high school and college. It was this thought in mind that led school leaders to establishing a program to encourage students to participate in a summer reading program after this pandemic caused upside down school year. Lewisville Morning Rotary supported the program by providing the bike awards.
Rotary members from Lewisville Morning and Lewisville Noon Rotary Clubs were among Central ES staff at the annual Red Carpet Welcome for the 1st day of the 2021-2022 school year.
After the shut-down caused by the 2020 pandemic, it was really rewarding to be among the staff and fellow Rotary members at Central Elementary School as we welcomed back students for the 2021-2022 school year. Fellow Rotary members Bob Troyer, Mark Smith and John Pokorny from the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club and Bobbie Mitchell, Fred Whitfield and TJ Gilmore from the Lewisville Noon Rotary Club were among the Central ES staff that hooted and cheered as students and their families walked the red carpet toward their class rooms.
This year, Club President Dr. Traci Petteway will be selecting a Rotarian of the Month in recognition of the club member that most exemplifies the Rotary and our clubs mission through their support, actions and commitment.
The July 2021, Lewisville Morning Rotarian of the Month is John Pokorny.
A member of Rotary since 1987. As a result of job changes throughout his career as a Facilities Engineering Manager, John has been a member of 4 different clubs. He has been a member of the Lewisville Morning Rotary club since 2007. Currently, he serves as the clubs Foundation Chair and Webmaster. A past president of our club in 2015-2016, John also is currently serving as the District 5790 Webmaster.
The Lewisville Morning Rotary Club is proud to announce a $500 Grant to Knight-Light Charites Inc. Knight-Light Charities seeks to aid those who have a temporary crises and need assistance with their rent, medical services, utility bills or food.
For club members, serving the needs of the community includes supporting local non-profit organizations that fill a vital role in helping those most at risk. During our July 15th meeting, members awarded Knight-Light Charities a grant in support of their mission to financially assist those in our community that are facing a crises and need assistance with their rent, medical services, utility bills or food. The success of their mission has often prevented homelessness. 
One of the most fun projects of a member is to be able to award a grant to another area non-profit serving the needs of the community.
It was no different when we were able to announce our grant to Hearts for Homes this past week. The mission of Hearts for Homes is to improve living conditions for low-income senior homeowners in Denton County. Our donation will help buy needed supplies to repair homes for 84 senior homeowners.
Christian Community Action (CCA) is well known in our community for its Food Pantry for families that are food insecure. The pantry is reopening soon after the pandemic limited disbursements to preselected foods through a drive up process.
Club members are proud to have been able to support CCA throughout the pandemic by volunteering at the drive-up events. We hope to continue our monthly volunteer efforts with the Hebron High School Interact and National Honor society members.
The Lewisville Morning Rotary Club is proud to announce a grant given to Veterans Produce to continue their mission to end veteran hunger. Veterans Produce feeds homeless veterans by building community greenhouse gardens then teaching them to grow their own food.
Our members are pleased to be able to share our fundraising blessings with Veterans Produce. Their environmentally friendly way of producing food is an example for all to follow. We encourage community members to visit their facility at the Rich Lubke Organic Gardens where the above photo was taken. You will be impressed. Delicious, nutritious food produced naturally with a zero carbon footprint.
The Lewisville Morning Rotary Club inducted a new club president starting the new Rotary year July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.
Traci accepted the baton from Past President Mark Smith and was sworn in Thursday, June 24, 2021 by the Rotary District 5790 District Governor (2021-2022) Roger Paschal. Traci joined Rotary in 2015 and in her acceptance speech she recalled fondly bring her two then small children Kendall and Kennedy to our 7 AM meetings at CCA. Fast-forward, Kendall is now a Baylor University student and Kennedy is a star athlete at Marcus HS. Fortunately, mom is still the mom that joined in 2015 constantly giving back to the community in various ways including representing serving at the National PTA president.
Congratulations Traci!
In celebration of Ms. Martha Cowan receiving the Living Legend award, the Lewisville Estates hosted a party at 2 pm on June 24th at their facilities. Our club is one of the sponsors and is providing the flags for the event.
The award is to be presented by U.S. Army Sgt. Maj. Cielito Pascual-Jackson, from the Women In Military Services For America.
Who knew that a dame could be a WWII Fighter Pilot
Ms. Martha Cowen is among the very few women that were pilots that served during World War II. The celebration will include a reading of the Living Legend Proclamation and a century birthday celebration to remember. Our members will be providing a Star Spangled ambiance for the celebration of the life of a centurion World War II veteran aviator. 
Our 6/24/21annual Pass the Gavel at the Alforno's Italian Kitchen was a memorable event that included induction of our incoming president and board of directors, recognition of members and fun while walking down 2020 Memory Lane.
Outgoing President Mark Smith led our 2021 Pass-the-Gavel with an overview of the 2020-2021 Lewisville Morning Rotary year. We had an amazing year in spite of operating under the constraints of the worldwide pandemic. We continued meeting weekly but virtually. Our reputation as the small club that does a lot continued with 46 service projects requiring in excess of the recorded 665 volunteer hours performed by 19 members. In addition, the club and its members donated over $22,000 to 15 local non-profits, The Rotary Foundation and End Polio Now.
The Empty Seat reminds us all this Memorial Day of those who have given their lives in the Armed Forces in service of our nation.

 "For the second year in a row, Memorial Day looks a little different than in years past. In many cases, our backyard barbecues and get-togethers are replaced by video chats and other marvels of modern technology." Mark Smith, President Lewisville Morning Rotary
With their Trophy Trash on display, members of the Lewisville Morning Rotary and Hebron High School Interact clubs demonstrate their efforts to Keep Lewisville Beautiful at KLB's Annual Adopt-a-Spot Clean-up Days.
Club members volunteered to pick-up trash along our Adopt-a-Spot on Garden Ridge and in the field between I 35 and the Home Depot store last Saturday, April 17, 2021.
Who knew that Past President Tom Rowe
was the Basketball Guru of Lewisville in the
2021 Bracket Challenge to End Polio Now!

We had a little March Madness Fun?  The bracket challenge winner gets 50% of the winnings!  Don't worry,  you don't have to be a basketball guru to play. That's what they said.  Did Tom end up guessing most of the time on these? Or, does he have some hidden expertise? Congratulations TOM!


Earlier this month, Hebron's Milen Palous won the
Lewisville Morning Rotary Four Way Test Speech Contest.
On March 27th she competed against 11 other high school 
contestants, placing 4th with another great speech.
Congratulations Milen! The District 5790 Contest Chair Lori Richardson Glovier reported "I am happy to announce the results of our successful Regional (first of two) Four Way Test Speech Contest which was held on March 27th via Zoom!  
11 students participated and the top 4 winners are:
Lewisville Morning Rotary Club provided dictionary's for
3rd Graders at 11 schools in the Lewisville Independent School District.
Theirs to keep, the dictionary's enhance their learning skills for a lifetime.
Our Rotary club has been providing dictionary's for 3rd graders in LISD for several years. Even with the disruption caused by the pandemic, we continued with the project. Although, this year members were unable to personally present the books to the children, we continued the program. Staff members at the the 11 schools partnered with us by carefully distributing them in a way that they were absolutely free of contamination by the Covid 19 virus. One of those staff members was Callie Craddock at Mill Street Elementary school.
The 2021 Four Way Test Speech Contest was
hosted by Lewisville Morning Rotary Club
Covid pandemic style with 4 fantastic speeches.
Contestants (left to right) Hunter Waine, McKinley Jasmine Harbor, Devon Cartwright, Milen Paulose. 
As in past years the contest was held during our regular 7 AM meeting on Thursday, March 4th. The major difference of course is that our meeting was virtual and that our 4 contestants gave their speeches from an isolated class room so they could take off their mask and perform as they would in a normal contest except with a digital audience. All the speeches were fantastic. The final selection of the winner by our judges was not an enviable challenge.
Our members partnered with Westside Baptist Church
and Carter BloodCare to obtain 19 blood donations.
Donations will save 57 lives in a time when donations are
badly needed due to the pandemic impact.
Shown here are members Gordon Roe, Deanna Perkins, Mark Smith, Ray Bowens and Terry Kasen
Our blood drive held at Westside Baptist Church this past weekend was a success!   We had 19 donors show up and Carter BloodCare collected 15 units of whole blood and 4 units of red blood cells.
Club President Mark Smith says "thanks to everyone who donated, supported, and advertised the blood drive for making it a success!  A special thanks to Ray Bowens for coordinating with his church on allowing us to use their facilities, and for help getting some extra donors!"
The Lewisville Morning Rotary Club's annual 3rd grade Dictionary Project is a success.
Following health guidelines, we delivered over 1000 dictionaries to 11 Lewisville elementary schools.
Thank you to the following volunteers for coordinating, labeling, and delivering dictionaries for LISD 3rd graders:
Charlene Dierks, Maithen Fluhrer, Neal Fluhrer, Bob Troyer, Marilyn Pokorny, John Pokorny, Deanna Perkins, Tom Rowe, Mark Smith, and Bob Troyer.
To see the video, view this newsletter online by clicking at the top of the email page  "click here to view online"
Lewisville Morning Rotary Members continue 
the 3rd Grade Dictionary Project in 2020-2021
in spite of Covid 19 pandemic limitations.
Members labeled over 1000 dictionaries today which will go to 3rd graders at 11 LISD schools. We were able to mask-up and socially distance in a large room to get the job done! Next step is to deliver to the schools! #lewisvillemorningrotary #PeopleOfAction #ServiceAboveSelf
Thank you to Deanna Perkins for her leadership in organizing the labeling event, Charlene Dierks for working with the schools and coordinating dictionaries needed at the schools. Thank you also to the labelers Maithen and Neal Fluhrer, Bob Troyer, Charlene Dierks, Mark Smith and Deanna Perkins. Thanks also to Marilyn Pokorny for preparing over 1000 labels. 
Lewisville Morning Rotary members
encouraged to participate with
Reading Partners of North Texas
Or, at Community in Schools of North Texas
At our January 14th weekly virtual Rotary meeting, Club President, Mark Smith presented a fantastic opportunity, particularly those of us home bound by the pandemic to to volunteer with Reading Partners of North Texas. Our club members have a passion for supporting learning and literacy. We support via our dictionary project, our annual perfect attendance awards at Central Elementary School and by participating in various CES reading programs throughout the year. Unfortunately, the pandemic has limited what we can do not only to protect the students but ourselves as well. The Reading Partners of North Texas will allow our members to volunteer virtually. Click here to learn more and sign up. 
Club members will also consider a similar "mentor" program offered by Community in Schools North Texas. For more information on "mentors", click here. As a result of pandemic safety procedures, the mentor program is now virtual. The club is inviting the volunteer manager of volunteers to visit a future meeting to discuss the program.
Instead of the traditional Breakfast with Santa
at the Lewisville Holiday Stroll this year
Club members opted for much simpler version
to keep the community and ourselves safe.
Adapting to Covid 19 safety practices created a much different Holiday Stroll experience for Lewisville Morning Rotary members and the community. 
 It's Tradition! Every Saturday after Thanksgiving several members
volunteer for the Salvation Army's annual Red Kettle Duty Fundraiser
at Sam's Club in Lewisville. This year was different. Thank you to members Deanna Perkins, Traci Petteway, Jeff Lighton, Ray Bowens, Tom Rowe, Bob Troyer and Mark Smith for volunteering to cheer on the kettle donors. Their efforts raised over $600 for the Salvation Army.
Lewisville Morning Rotary members provide
Veterans Recognition Program for residents for
the Pinewood Hills Retirement Community
in Flower Mound, Texas
Lewisville Morning Rotary members Mark Smith, Mary Jones, Frank Hebb and Bob Troyer provided a veterans recognition ceremony for the residents of the Pinewood Hills Retirement Community on Veterans Day 2020.
A new library book is donated in the
name of our weekly speaker to the 
Central Elementary School Library.
This photo shows member John Pokorny delivering several donated books to the Central ES library staff Wednesday, November 4th. Each book was signed by one of the guest speakers our club has hosted during recent Rotary meetings. Lewisville Morning Rotary has had a long tradition and passion for improving literacy. Whether that means volunteering to read at Read Across Central, providing bikes for students with perfect attendance, refurbishing 10 schools in the tribal lands of India, providing dictionaries to 11 Title I schools or simple donating dictionaries to our adopted school, Central Elementary School, our members are passionate about helping students succeed in school.
Pictured here is one of the Lewisville Morning Rotary
Hero's of the environment, Tom Rowe volunteering at the
Lewisville Convenience Center to safely collect
and dispose of Hazardous Household Waste.
Our other hero is Mary Jones. Mary and Tom alternate in volunteering with city team. Lewisville Morning Rotary Club members have been volunteering with the City of Lewisville Hazardous Household Waste collection team for over 20 years. Many changes in process have occurred over the years as we have adapted to the needs of the community. The changes caused by Covid 19 are no different.
Lewisville Morning Rotary Club is partnering
with the Denton County Veterans Coalition to
seek donations of sox and gloves for homeless 
veterans in Denton County area.
Our veterans have served and protected us. Some have fallen on hard times and are homelessness. Please help us provide sox and gloves to these vets. Please drop off your donation of new sox and or gloves at one of the Jim Verfurth family of restaurants; Verf's Grill and Tavern, Shoal Creek Tavern and Lambeau's America Kitchen and Taps. You can also drop off new sox and gloves at Kwik Kar Vista Ridge.
Members of Lewisville Morning Rotary Club
Volunteered on World Polio Day (Oct 24th) to
Pedal for Polio at the Shops of Highland Village
raising funds for End Polio Now.
Rotary International has had a 35 year effort to eradicate polio world wide. As a result of the efforts of clubs like ours, Rotary International, the CDC, WHO and the Gates Foundation, polio has been eradicated in all but two countries; Afghanistan and Pakistan. Our team joined several other teams throughout our district in North Central Texas to raise funds to eradicate polio in those final two countries. Thank you to team members Maithen Fluhrer, Mark Smith, Samba Sey, Marilyn Pokorny and John Pokorny. Each has set up donation sites for members of the community to donate on their behalf. To donate click below.
Lewisville Morning Rotary Club volunteers
serve at CCA October 24th to distribute over
60 Shopping Carts filled with food and family items
to needy families in the Lewisville area.
Our people-of-action at this event were Deanna Perkins, Taylor Bancroft, James Feigel and Bob Troyer. Thank you for your service. Our next opportunity to volunteer at CCA is November 7th. Because of pandemic safety practices, CCA only allows 4 volunteers at each event. Click here to sign up.
A virtual fundraiser that puts the
fun in virtual FUNdraising - visit
Get ready for the holidays while helping Lewisville Morning Rotary with our community service projects & support local community organizations like the Salvation Army, Christian Community Action (CCA), End Polio, LISD Dictionary Program, Youth Programs, and more! We’re having a virtual wine and food pairing event on Friday, November 6th at 6:00 PM via Zoom. Click here to register.
Five LMR Members are Riding in the
2020 Riding of Polio Fundraiser
October 24th at the Shops of Highland Village 
Please support members Maithen Fluhrer, Mark Smith, Samba Sey, Marilyn Pokorny and John Pokorny who are riding October 24th by clicking below.
Maithen is riding at 7 AM - support her with your donation at https://raise.rotary.org/MaithenElizabeth-Fluhrer/challenge
Mark Smith is riding at 10 AM, he suggests donations to any member
Samba Sey is Riding at noon - Support him at  https://raise.rotary.org/Samba-Sey/challenge.
John and Marilyn Pokorny are riding at 3:00 pm - support them with a donation at https://raise.rotary.org/jmpokorny/challenge1
We appreciate your generosity. Speaking of generosity, you can also donate your time. Contact Grady Ray at grady.e.ray@gmail.com to volunteer.
The Lewisville Morning Rotary Club
invites the community to join us in its
Fill-A-Backpack for Salvation Army Clients
Thanks to the manager of Excite Gym and fellow Rotary member Julie Hutchens of the Highland Village RC, we have over 50 backpacks to fill with personal items to give to Salvation Army clients in need of such items as;  fall/winter weather gear:  Caps, Gloves, Scarves, Finger and Toe Nail Clippers, Dental hygiene items, Hair brushes and combs. Handy wipes/Hand sanitizer, Tissue, Socks, Small Blanket, Crackers, Candy Bars, Cookies, Nuts, Deodorant, Band-Aids. All donated items are new items.
September 11, 2001 changed our lives.
As BSA Troop 9168 members dispatch our flags,
members recall the tragic events of that day.
It is with a certain amount of irony that this publication is recognizing the American worker and also honoring those that lost their lives during the horrific events that occurred September 11, 2001. Because on that date, 2977 people left their homes to board one of the 4 planes used during the attack or headed for work in the Pentagon or the World Trade Center or perhaps were first responders that never to returned home. That event changed lives all over the world. Some of our members have provided their recollection of that day's tragedy in this newsletter. We all have our stories of that day. What is yours? These are the stories that bind us together in spite of our differences and make our country stronger and proud to be an American displaying our flag. We invite you our reader to provide your story. Should you wish to share your story, click the blue box below.
Lewisville Morning Rotary members
review and discuss 3 year Strategic Plan
updates at the Aug 27th Club Assembly
We had a fun and engaging meeting on Thursday evening.  We were able to refresh ourselves on our club mission statement, our club core values, and club attributes.  We also looked at insights from our club survey and discussed our upcoming service projects and ideas.   Click here for the key slides we looked at for those that couldn't attend.
The International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarian's 
Recognized the Lewisville Morning Rotary with the
 Youth Service Award for Service Above Self
Club is recognized for service exemplary of Rotary International's commitment to youth in the world through cooperation between Rotary International and Scouting. Our club has worked closely with BSA Troop 9168 for several years who have partnered with us in implementing our Lewisville Area Flags project.
Central Elementary School Staff 
Have arranged our annual bike gifting program
with the winning students.
Socially distancing Rotarians and school staff will award our winning students their bikes at 6 pm on Wednesday June 10, 2020. All members and their family are encouraged to participate in this project. Congratulations to all winning student for their hard work and dedication.
Our Board of Directors
Dr. Traci Gardner Petteway
Click here to contact Traci
Mark Smith
Membership Chair
Click here to contact Mark
John Pokorny
Foundation Chair
Director at Large
Bob Troyer
Click here for club executive contact information
Rotary promotes Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
Flag Program Video



Many of our subscribers have sent us photo's of the flag that the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club and BSA Troop 9168 erect in their front yards on the major holidays of the year. Lewisville Area Flags offers two subscription opportunities. Tier I Subscription with 6 holidays and Tier II Subscription with 10 holidays. This video shows the photo's we have received. To learn more about the Lewisville Area Flag Program please click here


Rotary Foundation receives highest rating from Charity Navigator for 14th consecutive year

Rotary Foundation receives highest rating from Charity Navigator for 14th consecutive

Jennifer Jones imagines Rotary fulfilling big dreams

Rotary International president-elect announces 2022-23 presidential theme to district governors-elect.

Rotary Projects Around the Globe January 2022

Rotary Projects Around the Globe - January 2022

On an annual basis our members have the opportunity to participate in 60 community projects.
Projects range from literacy, to disease prevention, to water and sanitation etc.
Members choose the projects that best fit their time and life style.
If you are interested in learning more, click
"membership inquiry" in menu bar.
We are proud of our partnership with BSA Troop 9168
They meet the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Monday at VFW Post 9168 Grand Hall in Lewisville
Click here for BSA Troop 9168 info
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