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We meet in-person every Thursday. Those wishing breakfast are encouraged to arrive at 7 AM to purchase their breakfast prior to the start of the 7:15 AM meeting.
Welcome to the Lewisville Morning Rotary website. We are a diverse group of business leaders, community leaders and professionals dedicated to serving our community and making the world better.
If you believe that community involvement is an essential element in the lives of business and community leaders, please consider membership in Lewisville Morning Rotary Club
We serve to change lives, promote peace, feed the hungry, support the environment, literacy, youth and end polio. And, we create change through our connections, volunteer efforts and financial support of local non-profits.
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Jun 29, 2023
Fun Fact - Did you know that Rotary members throughout the world 
donate over 44 million hours annually?
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This is the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club. Stories of our most recent activities.
Dear Rotary President,
I just wanted to say thank you for awarding me the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club Scholarship. I also wanted to apologize for sending this letter out so late, I just recently moved from Lewisville to Caddo Mills and all of my things have been in storage. I have been living in an RV since I moved here and I havent had access to all of my belongings. I really do miss Lewisville, there was so much more to do there and it was overall a good place to live. I currently attend Texas A&M Commerce and I am majoring in Kinesiology. My current plan for my future is to hopefully become a Physician Assistant and I know PA school is difficult to get into so I am trying my best to keep my grades up. I have a 4.0 for now and I am doing everything I can to keep it that way. I also recently became an ER Scribe in order to get medical experience. It is thanks to scholarships that I am able to continue my education so I wanted to say thank you again. Without this help I was given I would probably not be in the position I am now. I am the first person in my family to go to college and I know it is a big privilege to be here. If I have the funds to do so one day when I have a good job I want to give back just like you did and make a scholarship of my own.
Thank you for all your help.
Sincerely, Jacqueline Navarro
Since last July, Lewisville Morning Rotary members have logged over 363 volunteer hours supporting various community non-profits initiatives. This past April we also provided financial support for 10 non-profits through grants supporting their projects.
Early this year, grant forms were sent out and non-profits requested funding in support of their projects. The following grant awards were provided over the past month:
Club President Bob Troyer awards Paul Harris+6 pin to Todd Taylor at the April 13th meeting.

Congratulations Todd! 

The Rotary Foundation transforms our gifts into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. As the charitable arm of Rotary, we tap into a global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into our priorities, such as eradicating polio and promoting peace. Foundation grants empower Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact.

Strong financial oversight, a stellar charity rating, and a unique funding model mean that we make the very most of your contribution. Give and become a part of Rotary’s life-changing work!

The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. As the charitable arm of Rotary, we tap into a global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into our priorities, such as eradicating polio and promoting peace. Foundation grants empower Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact.

Strong financial oversight, a stellar charity rating, and a unique funding model mean that we make the very most of your contribution. Give and become a part of Rotary’s life-changing work!

Lewisville Morning Rotary is hosting a booth at the April 22nd ColorPalooza. We will partner with the Lewisville Painted Rocks group to have a kids activity painting rocks. 
Kids love their Painted Rocks. So, do Adults
Join us on April 22nd at Colorpalooza in Old Town Lewisville and Wayne Ferguson Plaza.  Our Rotary club will have a booth and will partner with the Lewisville Painted Rocks group to have a kids activity painting rocks. When you gather up all you Rock Painters to visit our booth, don't forger to gather up those old lithium-ion batteries you have laying support of Earth Day we will have a recycle collection box. See related story, click here. 

Join us on April 22nd at Colorpalooza in Old Town Lewisville and Wayne Ferguson Plaza. Did you know that April 22nd is also Earth Day. Help us celebrate Earth Day by bringing those old lithium-ion batteries you have laying around to our ColorPalooza booth and help us recycle in addition the Painted Rock activities


Our Rotary club will have a booth and will partner with the Lewisville Painted Rocks group to have a kids activity painting rocks. 

We will also have a collection box for used batteries at our booth, supporting the Pilot Knob Rotary Club.


On February 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th, members of the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club are visiting 11 Lewisville ISD School 3rd graders. Our Mission? To give awary dictionaries to 900 plus 3rd grade students.
Why do we give away dictionaries to 3rd graders? Because students in grades 1 through 3 are learning to read. Grades 4 and up they are reading to learn. These dictionaries will be a valuable tool in assisting these students for the remainder of their academic career.
This is a fun project for members as we give the dictionaires to the students we ask them to mark their name in the front, because now this dictionary is theirs. We have some fun exercises we ask the students to to do like look up the word rotary. Which of course we use as an entre into how Rotary got their name.
Six Rotarians took an hour out of their Saturday to clean-up our Keep Lewisville Bueatiful Adopt-a-Spot on Garden Ridge.
There were six Rotarians this morning (Jan 28, 2023). Thank you to Bob Troyer, Mark Smith, Deanna Perkins, Charlene Dierks, Francis Al-Waely and Todd Taylor. Our Rotary club arranged this spot with Keep Lewisville Bueatiful several year ago and Rotarians and their families have been keeping it look good since. In addition to clean-up activity, the club has also arranged the planting of a few trees near-by.
Members of the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club spent their January 21st Saturday afternoon preparing dictionaries for distribution at 11 Lewisville ISD Schools.
Every year, Lewisville Morning Rotarians distribute almost 1000 dictionaries to 3rd graders. Why? Because it is a well known fact that the first 3 years of a child's education a child learns to read and the remainder of their education is spent reading to learn. Having a dictionary at their finger tips is integral to that learning process. For some children this will be the 1st book they have ever owned. This year, as in past years we have asked teachers if the printed dictionary is still the most effective choice for those students. Most believe that the printed dictionary is the most effective tool for students to learn word meanings, usage, pronunciation, spelling and forms. Interestingly, one of our members had a conversation recently with a student at Lewisville High School who when he learned the member was from Lewisville Morning Rotary told our member he still has the dictionary we gave him in third grade.
Serena was nominated by her Academic Decathlon (AcDec) coach Mrs. Donna Friend.

Serena is a 3-year member of Hebron’s AcDec team, and she is a natural leader.  She is witty and clever, and she sees where she is needed.  If there is a spill on the floor, she will find a broom and sweep it up.  If we need help decorating the hall, she will stay late and come in early to make it look awesome.  When she knows our decathletes need an extra study session and preparation, she will organize it all and lead the teaching and learning.  Additionally, she has led by example in her personal studies and preparation, continuously improving and growing as a student and competitor.  She is just AWESOME!
The Lewisville Morning Rotary Club members have a passion for youth and vocational services through our Hebron High School partners.
HHS Principal Amy Boughton was part of our Jan 19th program that included the November, December and January Students of the Month.
Principal Amy is very supportive of Rotary initiatives such as the 4 Way Speech Contests and the Interact Clubs we have had in previous years and the opportunities for student volunteers at our Rotary projects such as the CCA Pantry, our Adopt-a-Spot and other club programs such as Western Days, ColorPalooza where students volunteer with our members.
For the benefit of Amy, the HHS Admin staff, our 3 students of the month and their parents Mark Smith presented a great summary of past, present and future projects that HHS and LMR have done together.
Nominated by her Basketball Coach Lisa Branch, Dana has demonstrated her outstanding roll as a student leader at Hebron High School.

Dana was voted team captain by her teammates for the girls basketball team for the second consecutive year.  She is the epitome of a great teammate. Dana is dependable, selfless, and coachable. In the academic classroom, Dana has proven to be an excellent student.  She displays a pleasant and positive attitude towards all staff and peers.  Outside of basketball, Dana gives her time at Prestonwood Baptist Church.  She is an amazing example of what a young leader should be!
Nominated by his Soccer Coach Matt Zimmerman, Julian (Jet) Thompson represents the image of a student leader through and through.

Julian has been a member of the Varsity Men’s Soccer team since his sophomore year and is a 2-time Captain of the team.  Over the course of his Hebron Soccer career, Jet has become the lead voice of our players and a direct extension of the coaching leadership.  He is always willing to volunteer to do any jobs or help in the community on service projects.  Off the soccer field, Jet serves as a member of the Principal’s Advisory Council.  In the academic classroom, he displays an upbeat attitude and is excited to learn.  He is always willing to help his peers and has shown the utmost respect to faculty and administration.
Ms Karen's Community Closet was founded to positively impact the lives of individuals and families who are experiencing a personal crisis in our immediate community and beyond.
In the few short months since they received their 503.(3) c notification status they have grown by leaps and bounds. Through generous donations from donors and sponsors they have helped more people than ever before.
Lewisville Morning Rotary Club members and volunteers serve 450 meals at our annual Breakfast with Santa at the Lewisville Old Town Holiday Stroll December 3rd.
Our Breakfast with Santa event served members of the Lewisville Area community attending the annual Lewisville Holiday Stroll in Oldtown. This year, our Breakfast with Santa event was a community partnership involving club members, the Salvation Army who provided the truck where we cooked the pancakes, the City of Lewisville City of Lewisville who provided tents, chairs, promotion and coordination and Johnson Feed who allowed us to use their facilities for preparing and serving the food.
Since 1987, Rotary has been leading the world wide effort to end polio so that no child anywhere has to endure the paralysis caused by polio.
For those of us in the west where polio has been eradicated a long time ago, the fact that Rotary has been leading the fight to end polio for over 35 years is almost anti-climatic. Consequently, it is sometimes hard to generate any enthusiasm among the community and fellow Rotary members to donate money to end polio. However, the recent news of a polio victim in New York state and the recent pandemic experience reminds us all that polio exposure is only a plane ride away.
Known by her peers for her skills on the volleyball court, Hebron High School Senior, Olivia Lowary is also an academic all star thar has maintained a 92+ grade point average throughout her four years of high school, putting her in the top 13% of her class.
Olivia has been a part of the volleyball program at Hebron High School for the past four years. She is hardworking and dedicated to both her athletic endeavors as well as her academics. Olivia has played Varsity Volleyball since her sophomore year and has earned the respect of her teammates and coaches in her desire to achieve it all! This is evident by her being voted team captain her senior year. We are proud to announce that Olivia has verbally committed to playing volleyball for Central Oklahoma University next Fall.
A week that began October 17th with the Lewisville City Council declaring the week of October 18 through October 24th End Polio Now Week and October 24th as End Polio Day in recognition of the efforts of Rotary including the Lewisville Morning Rotary and the Lewisville Noon Rotary clubs ended World Polio Day October 24th.
The week was dedicated to promoting, advocating and donating to Ending Polio worldwide. We still have two endemic countries where polio is still present and Rotary is dedicated to ending the disease worldwide. And eradicating polio is still costly. Through the efforts of the Bill Gates Foundation matching funds Rotary and its members are dedicating  over 150 million dollars annually. So our week included an End Polio Now Fund Raiser.
The Lewisville Morning Rotary Club was able to donate $407 to End Polio Now through its
Wine Tasting to End Polio event October 21st at Wines with (an) Appeal in Lewisville.
Thank you owner Tome Rowe for hosting such a fun way to raise money to End Polio
If the name Samba Sey sounds familiar, it should. He was a member of our club a while back. He has an art exhibit scheduled at the Lewisville Grand Theater from Oct 29th through November 26th.
Let's show Samba our support by showing up at his opening ceremony Saturday October 29th at 6:30 pm. Congratulations Samba!
The 2023 Float will be our 43rd consecutive Parade entry. The float is funded by generous donations from Rotarians and Sponsorships.
This years float after being painted. Thousands more volunteer hours will be dedicated in decorating

Our members recently participated in a "float" for the Lewisville High School Homecoming Day Parade. It was a fun event, and several hundred people in Lewisville learned a little bit about Rotary, our club and received a piece of candy that was tossed to parade watchers.

Wine Tasting to End Polio will take place October 21, 2022 at Wines with an Appeal in Lewisville, Texas. Proceeds from the event will be contributed to Rotary Internationals End Polio Now campaign.

On the October 21st those that have purchased a $20 ticket will gather at the Wines with and Appeal classroom where owner Tom Rowe and staff will teach them how to develop or enhance their enjoyment of wine. They provide the wine for tasting, wine glasses and the experienced and knowledgeable instructor and servers. You'll taste 10 to 12 different wines all of which will be available for ordering. Our members will be donating light appetizers for the event that will be served buffet style during breaks.

Purchase your tickets now.

Shown here with LEF Director, Dr. Thomas White, Club President Bob Troyer presents a check of $1000 for two scholarships to be award this spring.
LEF is just one of the many local charities your support of our projects through money and time to the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club allows us to provide with funds. Our members have a passion for literacy. The scholarships are awarded to High School Seniors who have attended Central Elementary School in Lewisville or have been involved in Interact at Hebron High School or The Colony High School.
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". As a club, we proudly profess our commitment to community service through our many community service programs. But, we are anything but dull. We love to get together with our Rotary buds for Clubs Socials. Our 5th Thursday Club Social was an wonderful event for all that attended.
Our 5th Thursday Club Social was hosted by Larue Winery. The outstanding BBQ and fixin's were provided by member Ray Bowens and the desert that everyone was raving about was provided by member Marilyn Pokorny. In attendance were most of our club members and invited guests that have supported club our club activities and fundraisers. Designed to be an informal get together where guests and members get to know each other, Club President Bob Troyer welcomed everyone during one of the "open mike" breaks and spoke briefly about our club and announced the upcoming events. 
Members join in on the fun with a float celebrating the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club at the 2022 Lewisville High School Parade.
(L-R) Mark Smith, Todd Taylor, Charlene Dierks and Bob Troyer
A good time was had by all as members rode the parade route tossing candy to the crowd line up to watch the parade through Old Town Lewisville. Float theme was Aloha! And, the weather was perfect for the event.
Members volunteer their time the Friday evening of the City of Lewisville's Western Days and all day Saturday of Western Days to manage the limited parking availability in the Christian Community Action campus parking lot.
                  Resting up for the evening rush             Volunteer Spud Webb and Ray Bowens                  Scouting Volunteers
Anyone that had been to the Annual Lewisville Western Days knows that parking is a bit of a premium during the event. And this year as a result of construction in Old Town it is even more so. While the need for parking during the afternoon is light. The CCA Parking lots are pretty much filled in the evenings as the crowds come in for the concerts. In total we were able to provide parking for 312 families attending this years Western Days event.
Thank you to all our volunteers including Rotary members, scouting partners and friends. We could not have done it without you.
Class of 2023 Hebron High School student Matthew Bass recognized as the Lewisville Morning Rotary Student of the Month for September.
From left to right, Matthew Bass, Club President Bob Troyer and Assistant Principal Marybeth Coen
Matthew was introduced to club members at the September 22nd meeting by Hebron High School Assistant Principal Marybeth Coen. Nominated by Hebron High School Football Coach Towels. Matthew plays tight end for the Hawks.  Matthew is a student- athlete who takes dual credit courses;  he is a member of NSHSS and FCA, and carries a 3.96 GPA. While taking classes at a high level and practicing football, he also finds time to complete service-learning hours for Hebron HS on a weekly basis. Matthew Bass is a great representation of Hebron HS and Hawks Football.
Deanna Perkins, Marilyn Pokorny, John Pokorny, Bob Troyer and Richard Malcolm participated in the Rotary Leadership Institute - Lone Star Division education sessions in Justin, Texas on Saturday, September 10, 2022.
Being an effective leader is more than just saying "I do". Effective community leaders educate themselves. This is particularly true when working within a complex organization such as Rotary International. The Rotary Leadership Institute - Lone Star Division provides the education needed to be as effective as possible. The beauty of RLI training is that the sessions content apply not only to the Rotary organization, but to our personal careers also.
Lewisville Morning Rotary Club welcomes back Francisca (aka Frances) Al-Waely at the September 1st meeting. Club President Bob Troyer performed the induction ceremony as her sponsor, Deanna Perkins looks on in this photo.
Frances is the Regional Branch Manager, South Region for the DATCU Credit Union here in Lewisville. Having joined our club 10 years ago when she served in several different rolls including club Treasurer, she is now back as an active member. Frances lives in Lewisville. She has a daughter and granddaughter. 
The Book Drive for Kids organization wishes to to help create a culture of literacy by providing books for disadvantaged children for independent reading.
Independent reading is reading that is not tested, is content chosen by the reader, and is done for pleasure or personal fulfillment. Studies suggest that independent readers become better readers, score higher on achievement tests in all subject areas, and have greater content knowledge than those who do not. Today's guest speaker, Michelle Cook shared with our members how her organization which started with the simple concept of "recycling" children's books has grown to one that has provided 40,888 books to 36,330 students at the 93 book fair events hosted by Book Drive for Kids since 2017.
Lewisville Morning Rotary members partner with Pedi-Place to deliver fully fully school supply stocked backpacks for eight of their 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade patients.
Some PediPlace patient families are unable to afford the back-to-school supplies for this school year. In July PediPlace reached out to local organizations such as ours to provide donated school supplies for their patients whose families could not afford the $40 to $75 cost of each child's school supply list. Our club members provided enough donations and we shopped for enough school supplies to assure that 8 of their patients have everything they need for this school year.
Lewisville Morning Rotary guest speaker, author and mental performance coach Todd Thomas shared some of his insights that helped him inspire athlete's at our August 18th Rotary meeting.
A mental performance expert and personal achievement author, Todd Thomas shared how athletes often fail to achieve because they are thinking to much. "He has seen many people throughout his life reach for their goals and fall short over and over again – including himself".
Our Corporate Membership option includes 1 designated RI member and up to 2 additional designated club members from that corporate organization. In addition, Corporate Membership includes sponsorship advertising on all club publicity including the club website, newsletters, fliers and brochures.
What are the benefits for a corporation? First, membership elevates the corporation's image in the community as a partner in service and a business committed to the community.  Next, employees have the chance to develop leadership and professional skills such as project management, training, and public speaking.  Corporate membership gives members access to Rotary's global network of 1.4 million volunteers and the opportunity to network while traveling or doing local service with other Rotarians.  Membership would also emphasize a commitment to serving others as part of the corporate culture. Finally, a corporate membership can reduce the time commitment of any one member by allowing employees to attend meetings or events on each other's behalf.   
For more information, contact our membership chair Marilyn Pokorny.
Thanks to a 50-50 donation by member Todd Taylor our 50-50 Can is more fun than ever. The odds of being able to draw a winning card have improved. 
Our 50-50 donation fund is used to help support many of our clubs service projects including library books for the CES Library, The Dictionary Project and others. With your donation, not only does the donating person with the winning ticket have the opportunity to win 50% of the pot (one card in the remaining deck), we have 15 two dollar winning cards in the deck, 2 five dollar winners in the deck and 1 $10 winner in the deck.
Playing is easy. Just donate $1 for a ticket that if drawn will allow you to draw from the deck. Or, increase your odds by donating $2 for 3 tickets or $4 for six tickets or $5 for 10 tickets. Forgot to bring cash to the meeting with you? No problem, donate online by clicking here. We will process your donation along with a small transaction fee so that you can participate in the fun.
On Thursday July 21, 2022, District Governor Dan Steele performed the induction ceremony to formally recognize Richard Malcolm as a member of the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club.
Prior to being inducted last week, Richard had already attended three of our  meetings and volunteered at one of our community service projects. His sponsor is club President Bob Troyer. 
From left to right, District Governor Dan Steele, Richard Malcolm and Club President Bob Troyer
Seven of our members joined several other community volunteers to serve 220 plus families at the Heart of the City Food Pantry Saturday, July 16, 2022 from 8:30 AM to 11:00
This well organized food pantry, operated by members of the Northview Baptist Church is the busiest on Saturdays needing all types of volunteers from a team of parking attendants, social workers working with families in need, volunteers taking orders, teams of packers packing the groceries to "runners" delivering the food to the clients. Well over 3 dozen volunteers are needed on a Saturday. And, that does not even include all preparations of sourcing & ordering the food from the North Texas Food Bank, receiving it and storing it in several freezers until 
In the words of his son, Scott Coen Hebb; A Renaissance Man, a world traveler, a skilled woodworker, and dedicated husband and family man, Frank E. Hebb (91) passed away peacefully at home in Flower Mound, Texas, on Thursday June 23rd surrounded by his family.
Frank has been a member of the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club since 1996. As an active member through 2019 and as a Honorary Member since. Those that knew Frank well were not surprised to hear that he did not wish people to make a fuss upon his passing. What follows is the obituary prepared by his his son and some Rotary trivia that members will fondly remember him by.
After four months of planning and 4 intensive meetings, the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club strategic planning committee developed and submitted its 3 year strategic plan which was approved by the club BOD at it's June 21st meeting.
Many thanks go out to Past District Governor Gene Davenport for leading our the strategic planning committee consisting of Ray Bowens, Charlene Dierks, Jeff Lighton, Deanna Perkins, Marilyn Pokorny, John Pokorny, Mark Smith, Todd Taylor and Bob Troyer through the process.
This year-end social will include a very special guest, District Governor Kayla Christianson to do the induction of our new president, Bob Troyer and the Board of Directors.
Our current president, Traci Petteway is planning a fantastic Pass-the-Gavel event. In honor of incoming president Bob Troyer, who loves BBQ, our main fare will be BBQ and all the fixin's. We look forward to a lively party filled with fellowship and fun as we celebrate the year that was and ring in the year to come with all the plans we have for a successful new year 2022-2023.
Thank you Traci for leading us this past year       All the best to you Bob as you lead us in 22-23
Register now for a great evening on June 30, 2022 from 6 PM to ??? at the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce,
551 N. Valley Pkwy in Lewisville
Cost: Lewisville Morning Rotary members - no charge and guests are $10 each.
To register click here.
Jun 16, 2022 7:30 AM
Dewayne Lee
"Revisiting D-Day - A Photographic Journey".

Our speaker on June 16th is historian, photographer, and fellow Rotarian Dwayne Lee.  He will be giving us a presentation on the D-Day invasion during WW II and will give us a photographic journey through Normandy.  Join us 7:30 AM at the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce on 551 N. Valley Pkwy in Lewisville. All are invited!

Reading excellence. This year, Lewisville Morning Rotary has donated one bike for each grade level to be randomly selected from the group of exemplary readers in their grade level. While we are tickled for the youngster in this photo that won the bike, we are thrilled beyond belief that teachers from each grade level were able to recognize their classes superior readers. In all, over 120 Central ES students were recognized as superior readers.
Our 5th grade winner with members Bob Troyer, John Pokorny, Marilyn Pokorny and Charlene Dierks
Congratulations Grant Johnson. Described as is a well-rounded young man by teachers and staff, he has been a four year member of our baseball program. He serves as a great mentor and leader for our entire team, especially for our younger student/athletes. 
Grant was also a regular member of our Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle group before COVID protocols limited the frequency of these gatherings. He also currently serves on the Principal’s Advisory Council, a student group that teams up with teachers and administrators on ways that Hebron can be the best version of itself. Bottom line, Grant is an outstanding young man that represents himself, his family and his school, in a positive way. Grant Johnson is a DIFFERENCE MAKER on the Hebron High School campus. Congratulations Grant!
Members Bob Troyer, Jeff Lighton, Deanna Perkins, Marilyn and John Pokorny entertained the year end Central ES students and parents with a game of bucketball. Winners at bucket ball received their choice of candy and a small toy. Kids received one each for every ball they managed to land in one of the buckets.
While the kids were taking their best shots at bucketball, our Rotarians had the opportunity to give their parents information about Rotary and our Lewisville Area Flag Project. While an actual count was not made, we estimate that at least 125 families stopped by and watched the kiddos at bucketball and received flyers. A fun time was had by all. Thank you Central ES for allowing us to participate.
Congratulations Carter Patterson! A model student athlete since coming to Hebron as a sophomore, he is not only a great golfer but has been a leader for our program and the values that it represents.
Carter has been a two time All-District selection, just missing regionals for the second year. He has played nationally in the American Junior Golf Association finishing third in his first event and also competed in the Jackie Burke Cup which is a very elite field event. He led the team this year with a scoring average of 75.3. Carter plans on playing golf in the college for McClennan Junior College.
Thanks to our artistical volunteer partners at Lewisville Painted Rocks, Lewisville Morning Rotary has an entry in Colorpalooza's reCOLORcycle exhibit that celebrates Polio Immunization Worldwide week (Apr 17-23) and the environment. Since 1987 Rotary has supported the worldwide effort to end polio and have succeeded in doing so in all but Afganistan and Pakistan. We will be accepting donations for End Polio at our vendor booth. Look for the booth with 12 American flags flying.
Our bin is titled “Mother Nature’s Palette.”Thank you to the Ladies at Lewisville Painted Rocks for volunteering to be our artists for the entry.
RoseMary Perez, Nancy Smith & Cindy Tavarez., members of the Lewisville Painted Rock Club
Participation in Lewisville Morning Rotary's Flag Lease Program earned many scouts their trip to Corpus Christi and a night on the Lexington Aircraft Carrier.
Through sunshine, rain or snow, members of BSA Troop 9168 do not miss their appointed rounds of delivering and retrieving Lewisville Area Flag subscriber flags on the holidays Lewisville. As a result of our partnership, BSA Troop 9168 shares flag subscription revenues with the troop so that troop members can participate in camp jamborees, camping trips and in this case a special trip to visit the Lexington Aircraft Carrier.
Central ES teachers are planning for our career day at school.  We do not have a confirmed date yet but expect it to be sometime in April. 
This story is call out to our members who may be able to come to the school and talk with students about their career. Or would be willing to submit a video that could be viewed by students.  Please contact member Charlene Dierks and who will pass the info to our counselor that will get in touch with them with more details. 
Congratulations Bob Troyer! Lewisville Morning Rotary Member of the Month for February 2022.
While Bob was not present to recieve his award, he had a great reason for not attending the Feb 17th meeting. Bob was attending President Elect training at Lonestar PETS. Bob will be serving as club president for the 22-23 Rotary year.
If leading by example is a criteria for being a great member of the month 
and a great club president, then Bob Troyer has those qualities in spades. Thank you Bob Troyer!
Congratulations Tejaswini Ramkumar Babu! February 2022 Student of Month from Hebron High School
Tejaswini shown here with club president Dr. Traci Petteway.
Known as Teja among family and friends, this is what Teja’s teacher wrote for her:
DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) is an organization that encourages the development of business and leadership skills through academic competitions. Hebron High School is fortunate to have Teja as President of Hebron DECA. She has been a member for four years and has an impressive resume of placing in competitions every year.
Since 2014 our club has given over 7500 Dictionaries to 3rd grade students at 11 LISD Elementary Schools. This week we are distributing dictionaries to 960 of the 2022 third graders.

Distibuting the dictionaries is actually the most enjoyable part of the project. While passing out the dictionaries, one Rotarian will speak to the students.Introducing themself and  fellow Rotary Members from the LMR, We ask students to write the name on the 1st page because the dictionaries are theirs to keep. After every student has a dictionary, they look up word rotary and let them read definition and we tell the story of how Rotary got its name.
Mark Smith, Deanna Perkins, Bob Troyer and John Pokorny delivering dictionaries and providing information about the dictionaries and Rotary
Come congratulate Assistant Chief Todd Taylor who is retiring from the Lewisville Police Department after 29 years of service at his retirement celebration hosted by the City of Lewisville at 2:30 PM on Feb 23 at the Denton County Precinct 3 Community Room.
The Lewisville Morning Rotary Club Board of Directors approved the nomination of Bob Troyer as President for the 2022-2023 Rotary Year starting July 1, 2022.
Bob has been a member of the club since 2011. He is our current Flag Project chair having served in several capacities including Club President (2014-2015) over the last 10 years. Community Service is in Bob's DNA. In addition to Rotary, Bob is a member of the City of Lewisville City Counsel. Mr. Troyer is a member of the Creekwood Christian Church in Flower Mound.
Lewisville Morning Rotary Club is sharings its blessings this Thanksgiving by providing all the fixin's for a Thanksgiving feast to five families at the Central Elementary School.
Club President Traci Petteway and member Deanna Perkings shopped this week and provided everything needed for 5 familes whose children attend our adopted school Central Elementar School. The food was delived in laundry baskets to the school the Friday before Thanksgiving break. We partnered with CES staff to identify the families receiving the food. To all the families at Central Elementary School, have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.
Rachel Flanders, Assistant Principal at Hebron High School introduced our November Student of the Month saying I’m so thankful for the opportunity to celebrate our amazing kiddos! Ian Boggs was nominated by Mr. Sealy the HHS Band Director. Congratulations Ian Boggs.
Quoting HHS Band Director Sealy "Ian serves as our Trombone Section Leader in the HHS Band and Principal Trombone in the Wind Symphony."
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Many of our subscribers have sent us photo's of the flag that the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club and BSA Troop 9168 erect in their front yards on the major holidays of the year. Lewisville Area Flags offers two subscription opportunities. Tier I Subscription with 6 holidays and Tier II Subscription with 10 holidays. This video shows the photo's we have received. To learn more about the Lewisville Area Flag Program please click here


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Rotary promotes Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
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Excitement builds for Melbourne

The 2023 Rotary International convention will offer endless inspiration for the year to come.

Watch: Rotary’s People of Action: Champions of Inclusion broadcast event

Watch: Rotary’s People of Action: Champions of Inclusion broadcast

Former aviator mentors next generation of scientists

JonDarr Bradshaw, a former military aviator and contractor for the U.S. space agency, has a different kind of mission now.

On an annual basis our members have the opportunity to participate in 60 community projects.
Projects range from literacy, to disease prevention, to water and sanitation etc.
Members choose the projects that best fit their time and life style.
If you are interested in learning more, click
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We are proud of our partnership with BSA Troop 9168
They meet the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Monday at VFW Post 9168 Grand Hall in Lewisville
Click here for BSA Troop 9168 info
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